Smart Thermostats for hotels, student housing and condos.


Energy management savings for all building types

Whether you run a hotel, residence or office building, Energex can drastically enhance energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.

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Since 1992, Energex has been reducing energy costs for hotels and resorts, universities and dormitories, healthcare and senior living facilities, commercial and office buildings, public and government buildings, and rental/social housing units.

See how Energex can reduce costs for your building below:


Hotels & Resorts


Improve your hotel energy management, security and housekeeping efficiency without sacrificing guest comfort.

Heating and cooling are some of the top expenses for hotels. Guests spend over 50% of time outside of their rooms, while utilities are left running. Energex allows hotel owners to save 15–40% on energy consumption and utility costs wasted on empty rooms.

  • Regulate room temperature according to guests’ preference

  • Rely on the occupancy detector to manage cleaning staff without disturbing the guests

  • Integrate Energex with your existing HVAC system

  • Install in as little as 20 minutes


The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver

Energex retrofitted 565 guest rooms and suites at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver with occupancy sensors that manage energy consumption. As the luxury hotel relies heavily on heating and air conditioning to create an optimal environment for its guests, it uses Energex to help minimize the energy costs.

The results analyzed are changes in energy consumption year over year.

Energy savings: 577,095 kWh
Annual savings: $59,325


Universities & Dormitories


Just because students burn the midnight oil doesn’t mean the lights and heating in their empty rooms should too.

Students spend a lot of time outside of their residence studying, socializing or away on vacation. With Energex, you can ensure their empty rooms (and university classrooms) don’t waste any energy and unnecessarily increase your building management costs.


University Towers – Raleigh, NC

Energex installed occupancy sensors in 470 rooms of University Towers to control energy consumption. Due to a student’s busy schedule, student residence units are unoccupied for extended periods of time, leading to large quantities of wasted energy.

Results analyzed were changes in energy consumption per guest year over year between August and December.

Energy savings: 215,077 kWh
Cost savings: $20,002.00
2014 Winner of
Best Vendor/Operator Solution Student Housing Business Innovator Award


Healthcare & Senior Living


Retirement homes or senior assisted living complexes don't need to be lit and heated all the time.

Identify energy draining spots in your healthcare facilities and stop the waste. The Energex system will turn off lights and regulate heating and cooling in empty rooms, reducing energy consumption and building management costs.

With Energex you will only use the energy you need without compromising guest safety or interfering with day-to-day operations.


Port Credit Residences – Missisauga, Ontario

Energex devised a solution to encompass all 177 rooms of Port Credit Residences, an inspired senior living home. As a place that cares deeply for its residents, offering anything from Zumba classes to catered dining, it uses Energex to fully automate the management of lighting as well as heating and cooling, saving on energy bills in the process.

Energy savings: 230,000 kWh
Annual Savings: $28,913 yearly


Commercial & Office Buildings


Make energy efficiency an easy choice for your commercial tenants.

Even if your tenants are covering their own utility costs, adding an energy-saving solution will make your building stand apart in the market.

  • Reduce energy consumption and utility costs wasted on empty offices

  • Regulate temperature according to tenants’ preference

  • Integrate Energex with your existing HVAC and lighting system


Marine Building – Vancouver, BC

Energex installed its occupancy-control energy system at Marine building

During the measured period, lights were turned off 40 times manually and 25 times by Energex.

The demand on HVAC system was then reduced by 23.5%.


Public & Government Buildings


Cut budgetary spending by optimizing operating costs with our affordable energy management solution.

Most public and government-run facilities receive limited funding and must creatively stretch budgets to meet their needs. Installing Energex will allow you to reduce expenses while minimizing the strain on environmental resources.


"I would not hesitate to recommend Energex as one of the most competent and service oriented companies that I have dealt with. Based on our preliminary results I do expect that we will be investing significantly in further installations of their product."

– Jonathan Rousham | Manager- Maintenance | Université McGill University I Student Housing and Hospitality Services


Rental & Social Housing


Improve your rental business by drastically cutting your utility bills. Whether you or your tenants pay for heating and electricity, everyone will benefit from greater energy efficiency.

  • Reduce energy consumption and utility costs normally wasted on empty units and rooms

  • Regulate room temperature control according to tenants’ preference

  • Integrate with your existing HVAC system

  • Increased appeal to potential tenants interested in saving money on electricity and living in energy-efficient homes

Weinbrenner Apartment – Niagara Falls, ON

Energex upgraded 72 apartment rooms at Weinbrenner Place with occupancy sensors to control energy consumption. Results analyzed were changes in energy consumption per guest year over year between October and April.

Energy savings: 120,889 kWh


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