What happens if I just leave the room for a minute or two?

The system waits for a period of 45 minutes prior to beginning the setback.


How does the system work?

Utilizing a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR), the Energex system identifies whether an individual is present in their unit. If they are away, the system will gradually set back the temperature: a degree every 40 minutes to a maximum of 6 degrees.


What voltage is required?

Similar to all electronic equipment, the Energex system requires a 24-volt input.


How much does Energex cost?

The cost is dependent on the equipment requirements and complexity of the project, but you can contact us for a free estimate.


Will the room be too cold/hot when I return?

Our highest priority is to ensure that there is no discomfort to everyday activities. Our temperature control includes over 30 different factors that influence the setback schedule. If there happen to be any complications, we will make adjustments on the system board to slow the setback or extend the delay.


Can Energex control lighting as well?

Yes! The Energex system can be integrated with lighting, daylight harvesting as well as door/window contacts. Energex also comes pre-programmed with the ability to add on web-based controls, demand management and energy monitoring.


What kind of savings can I expect?

Savings depend on various factors such as climate zone, building structure, heating system and setback configuration. Use our simple online savings calculator to get an estimate now.


Is the Energex system wired or wireless?

Our system can be deployed in either configuration, depending on what fits best for you and your building.

What happens if I am sleeping?

The PIR sensor works by detecting heat emitted from individuals, even when not moving or covered by objects. If you are asleep there will be no adjustment.


Can I keep my current thermostat?

Yes! Energex can be easily integrated with any thermostat, board control or heating/cooling system.


Can I install the system myself?

Although the Energex system has a simplified installation process, it still requires a professional electrician to install. For individual safety and warranty purposes, we do not recommend installation by non-qualified technicians.


Are there applicable rebates for using Energex?

The Energex system has been thoroughly tested by utility commissions and qualifies for various local and government energy efficiency rebates. You can take a look at the incentives on our Rebates page here and contact us for more specific information.


Will Energex work with my system?

Yes! Our platform works with every heating/cooling system presently on the market.


Can Energex be integrated with our building control system?

Yes! The Energex system has been designed to work autonomously, so it can focus on each area separately, but it can just as easily be connected to a front-end system for centralized management.


How many installations have you done?

The Energex system has been deployed in over 350,000 rooms worldwide. This includes universities, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, hotels, government housing and residential units.


What kind of guarantee is offered with the Energex system?

If Energex doesn’t meet the minimum expected energy reductions or causes any dissatisfaction, we will solve the problem or reimburse you in full.