Senior Assisted Living 

Whether you cover utility costs or you add it to your residents' bills, improving retirement homes energy efficiency benefits everyone.  By installing Energex energy saving devices, you and your senior residents will enjoy these benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption and utility costs normally wasted on empty units and rooms when residents are in common areas or activity rooms.
  • Regulated room temperature control according to resident preference
  • Easy integration with existing HVAC system (no need to build a new network)
  • Increased evacuation efficiency in case of emergency
  • Increased appeal to potential residents interested in living in energy efficient homes
  • Increased appeal to potential residents looking to save money on electricity

Get your energy management under control for as little as 1/3 the cost of competitor products.  Request a FREE Estimate.

Why does your retirement home need Enegex?

The Energex system has now come to be recognized as one of the most cost effective energy conservation systems in the world, with proven energy savings of 15-40% making it a smart investment for any retirement home or senior assisted living facility owner.

How much do you spend on energy ?

Heating and cooling is one of the largest operating costs of total energy consumption in nearly all buildings. This is no exception in retirement homes and assisted living facilites where waste is considerably more prevalent. Our system incorporates an economical solution, which automatically places the HVAC system at a more energy efficient level when guest rooms are empty.

How much savings to expect ?

Energex saves you money two ways: The Energex building energy management system is one of the most affordable on the market – as low as 1/3 the cost of competitor products. And, once your power saving system is installed, you’re guaranteed to reduce your energy costs from that point forward.

Plus, You can apply for Energy rebates and incentives and save even more.

Easy to install in any facility

The Energex building energy management system is simple to install. By interfacing directly with your existing HVAC system, there’s no need to build a new network. In fact, installation can take as little as 20 minutes per room.

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