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Reclaim control of your energy costs and be kinder to the planet with the Energex energy management system.

Whether you’re running a hotel, residence or a commercial building, your energy costs continue to rise and they are likely one of your highest operating expense.

The Energex energy management system can help you save as much as 10 percent of your overall energy bills by controlling thermostats, lights and other loads when people are away. By automatically setting back the temperature and lighting in vacant and unoccupied spaces, you can dramatically reduce energy waste, improve the performance of your building and showcase your environmental commitment.

Our advanced energy management occupancy sensors seamlessly connect to nearly any thermostat, lighting system, building automation and property management software and offer a powerful solution in the quest for smarter, more intelligent building.

Today’s tighter building codes and demanding energy regulations makes our technology the ideal solution in existing building retrofits or new builds. Our low cost and ease of installation delivers a rapid return on investments and packs multiple, additional features and benefits to satisfy any construction style and building type.

Originally designed for the hospitality industry, the Energex system has been expanded to save energy in virtually any building today including student housing, time share, assisted living, residential rentals, commercial offices, workforce and military housing and much more. The system qualifies for generous utility rebates, flexible financing with typical payback period of 24 months or better.

The Energex occupancy based energy management system makes energy conservation affordable and easy. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice occupant comfort or put up with complicated installation. 

Energex systems are presently in use in over 250,000 rooms worldwide.

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