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Energex Energy Saving Products

Occupancy Sensors


    * Wired or wireless
    * Wall or ceiling mounted – flexible bracket included
    * PIR or Ultrasonic with Dual Technology Detector
    * Ideal for hotel rooms or apartments

NeoSphere K8-85R: ‘The Decorator’s Choice

    * Wired or wireless
    * Wall mounted
    * PIR or Ultrasonic
    * Ideal for hotel rooms or apartments

Paradise IR-465

    * Wired
    * Ceiling mounted
    * Ideal for offices, classrooms, meeting spaces and boardrooms

Lunar IR-18H

    * Wired
    * Ceiling or conduit mounted
    * Ideal for warehouses, high ceiling locations, gymnasiums or conference centres

Energex Digital Thermostat

Comfort Set 2

    * User-friendly interface and clear display
    * Seamless integration with any HVAC control system

Room Status Products

Web-Based Room Status Display

    * Part of the Real Time Occupancy (RTO) Information System
    * See which rooms are occupied in your building from any Internet connection in real time

Hand-Held Room Status Wand

    * Detects when rooms are occupied to reduce guest disturbance and improve hotel housekeeping work efficiency

Wireless Palm Pilot Room Status Display

    * Connected to a central, real time server
    * Delivers instant occupancy data

Sliding Window Auto-Shut Off

    * Automatically shuts off HVAC system when a sliding door window is left open for longer than two minutes
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