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 Example: 140 Room Hotel  

Option 1.
Full Cash Payment

You cover the full cost of equipment and installation and keep any government or utility energy rebates


Option 2.
50/50 Energy savings share

You pay a reduce rate for our solution and we split energy savings 50/50 every quarter


Option 3.
80/20 Energy Savings share

You pay a greatly reduced rate for our solution and we get 80% of the energy savings and you keep 20%


The basic cost per room for an Energex system is $118 plus installation. But there are a few other things we'll need to know to really nail down the total cost for you. The form below will give us the necessary information to get you an accurate quote quickly.

Shared Energy Savings Reduce Your Cost Even More

With Energex you also have a choice on how to pay for your system. Our standard offering gives you the choice of paying the quoted cost or paying a reduced cost and sharing the energy savings with us.  We will complete an energy audit to determine how much you can save and then you can decide how you want to pay. It's our way of showing you how much we stand behind our products and services. If you chose our shared energy savings option we will maintain your system for you at no additional cost. 

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