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Energy Management Solutions Since 1992

Energex was founded in 1992 in Vancouver British Columbia with the mission to develop and supply cost effective energy saving technologies which reduce energy waste in buildings.  Utilizing expertise with advanced occupancy sensor technologies and control systems, Energex identified the potential for an autonomous system which would regulate run time for HVAC as well as lighting and other energy wasting loads, based on occupancy.  After four years in research and development Energex introduced its first commercial system in 2001.  Although initially adopted primarily by the Hospitality market, Energex quickly became an industry leader in occupancy controls technology and soon began increasing the flexibility of its system for deployment in various other building types.  Over the last decade, Energex’s commitment to continuous improvement has set it apart from emerging competitors through its product quality and ability to recognize the critical need for:

  • Customized HVAC settings based on geographic climate and building characteristics.
  • Quick and easy integration with any HVAC and Lighting system for increased efficiency.
  • Expansion capability of systems for web based controls and future upgrades.
  • Balancing occupant comfort with energy savings.
  • Customized sensor location to ensure exact accuracy.

The Energex occupancy based energy management system has now come to be recognized as one of the smartest and most cost-effective energy conservation systems in the world.  It has received considerable acclaim by clients as well as media, and verified by recognized third parties to reduce energy consumption by 15% to 40%. [1] This makes it one of the top investments any building owner or manager can make.  Serving independent hotels, hotel chains, commercial offices, and residential building managers, Energex is focused on providing innovative energy saving products and ongoing service to help clients improve their bottoms lines and reduce their environmental impact.

[1] Verified through extensive testing by both BC Hydro and Pacific Gas & Electric.

Energex clients include:


  • Fortis BC
  • nyserda
    Puget Sound
  • BGA Systems

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