Smart Thermostats for hotels, student housing and condos.

Meet the Dream Thermostat. Smart, Beautiful, Connected.

The Dream Smart Thermostat by Energex is Cloud-connected and AI-Driven to provide guests and residents with the ultimate comfort and energy savings.

The Dream Thermostat is shown in Piano Black with Optional base plate.

The Dream Thermostat is shown in Piano Black with Optional base plate.


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Invest in saving money

The Energex Dream Thermostat can pay for itself in two years or better, leaving you with perpetual savings. And it gets even better with government programs all over the world adding incentives that promote greener operations. Who can say “no” to rebates?

Smarten up your space

At the heart the Platform is our Dream Thermostat and its WIFI connectivity, wide selection of sensors, Cloud-connected and AI software to help make any space smarter, more comfortable and beautiful.


Tailored to your building

Whether you run a hotel or a multiple unit residential building, student housing or senior living, up to half of your energy bill is wasted. We tailor our solution to your environment, eliminating that waste.

Install with no fuss

Our system can be set up in less than 30 minutes, without interrupting any day-to-day activities or altering the look of the space.


"The Energex team has worked for our property for the past 6 years. They always worked with care, pride and attention to quality. They demonstrate care for the needs of the hotel and its guests and they worked hard to perform great installations."

— Mike Harris | Chief Engineer | Delta Pacific Hotels and Resorts

"From bidding to contract, to installation, the execution of you and Energex has been flawless. As an added bonus, the pricing was very competitive. Thank you for a job well done!" 

— Ray Serafin | General Manager | Sheraton Pasadena Hotel 


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Still not sure?

The Energex smart occupancy-detection system will save you money and can be set up in less than 30 minutes.

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