California businesses collectively spend more than $15 billion a year on heating, cooling, lighting and other energy uses. Much of this cost is unnecessary. While high and variable energy costs will continue to impact their bottom line, companies of all types and sizes can take action to reduce these impacts.

Organizations that implement energy-efficient measures outperform their competitors by as much as 10%. To remain profitable and gain a competitive edge, companies need to do more than just turn off unnecessary lights and adjust thermostats. They need to make energy efficiency an essential part of their business plan. By doing so, businesses lower their utility bills and help California ensure a reliable energy supply.


Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency

These programs are designed to: (1) increase energy efficient investments at the time of retrofit, renovation, or sale of a home, (2) link interested customers with providers of energy retrofit services and (3) increase the training of professionals who perform energy efficient retrofits. The utilities also administer programs that target customers when investment decisions are made - during retrofits and renovations and during the new construction of buildings and homes. These programs accomplish these goals by:

  • Providing information to customers planning to buy, sell or renovate a building with retrofit providers and ENERGY-STAR® windows, equipment, lighting, appliances, etc.
  • Making energy audits available to customers to assist them in determining their efficiency retrofit needs.
  • Providing training and technical assistance for trade professionals through libraries and trade shows.
  • Providing financing to residential customers for energy efficient projects


Energy Rebates Programs in California

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Utility Rebate Programs in California

As part of the Green Building Order, California is embracing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The state is pursuing LEED - New Construction certification for its major construction and renovation projects.

In addition, the state is seeking LEED - Existing Building certifications for existing facilities in order to ensure energy efficient building operations and maintenance practices.

California is also encouraging and enabling schools built with state funds to be resource and energy efficient.