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Energex Pilot Program

Prove the energy savings to yourself with our Pilot Partnership

How much energy could you be saving with Energex? Our proposal includes an option to install our system in 3- 5 rooms or office spaces for a period of 1 -2 months at 50% of the cost. This will let you know exactly how much energy and money you can expect to save. If you decide to have Energex installed into the rest of your property, you will receive a full credit for monies paid into the pilot toward the overall purchase price.

The installation process takes between 20 – 35 minutes per room and subroutine programming is performed by the technician or installer based on a specific room characteristics. The energy management unit is custom programmed for each application and takes into account the following factors.

1.   Geography
2.   Room size
3.   Insulation values
4.   Window size
5.   Floor in the building
6.   Sun orientation
7.   Corner / non corner room
8.   Suite / room configuration

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