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Energex: Helping Sustainable Buildings Across The Globe

Energex develops occupancy based HVAC control products.  Using passive infrared (PIR) sensing with logic-control software, the energy monitoring system switches to “economy” mode after a space has become vacant for a pre-determined length of time.  When occupancy is returned, the initial HVAC and lighting conditions are restored within five to eight minutes due to an occupancy sensor that detects the thermal energy emitted by the occupant.  This results in reduced HVAC and lighting costs of up to 45%, while contributing to enhanced equipment life and noise reduction.

How Energex Works

Our advanced PIR and Ultrasonic occupancy sensor seamlessly expand from a stand-alone, low-cost energy monitoring system to include unlimited control possibilities. The energy management system quickly scales up to include a motion sensor light switch, remote management, load shedding, wireless applications including WiFi, Zigbee and ISM band compatible access modules.  Energex also features full interface to any Property Management Software (PMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS).

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Improve your hotel energy management and housekeeping efficiency with Energex smart occupancy sensors.

Universities and Dormitories

Just because students often burn the midnight oil doesn’t mean the lights and heating in their empty rooms have to.

Commercial Buildings

Help make energy efficiency a no-brainer for your commercial tenants.


Whether you or your tenants are paying the utility bill, everyone benefits from greater energy efficiency.

Public and Government Buildings

Free up much needed funds by reducing your operating costs with our affordable energy management solutions.

Senior Assisted Living

There are many rooms in a retirement home or senior assisted living that don't need to be lit and heated all the time.  Learn how you can reduce your retirement home energy bills with Energex.

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